Saturday, September 15, 2007

A Temporary Home for the Wilber Blog

Welcome, friends of the Integral Model, to AQALBlog. I am using this site temporarily while Jordan Gruber and the good folks at redesign their great website which has so graciously hosted the WilberBlog for four years.

Since my latest post there last spring, I've changed jobs, so I haven't had as much time to read, reflect, and write on the topics that Ken Wilber challenges us to consider. I am now almost finished reading Integral Spirituality, which has a number of provocative ideas to ponder and explore. What we will take a look at over the course of the next few posts will be his thoughts about the role of perspective in the playing out of the AQAL world.

As he has evolved into "
Wilber V," this notion of perspective has intrigued him greatly. In his development of Integral Postmetaphysics, he has worked assiduously to include the premodern, the modern, and the postmodern in the model. This intention helped him discover the overriding function that perspective plays in our grokking the Kosmos—and, I think, points us inevitably and more consciously than before to the One That Can Have No Other. This is because once we grasp that how we interpret, individually and collectively, the objects of awareness depends entirely upon our perspective, we can begin to see that it's perspective all the way up, all the way down. Where can we stand so that perspective disappears? Only as the One that has neither subject nor object of awareness.

So I look forward to playing around with these notions with my readers, as usual. In the meantime, let us continue to hold Ken in the light and see his recovery complete and quick.

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